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T-DOC Sterile Supply Management solution from Getinge

Sterile Supply Management

Getinge offers a wide range of solutions – from basic to state-of-the-art – within sterile supply management to cover your specific needs.

T-DOC is our premium sterile supply management and traceability solution that brings complete overview and integration to the instrument supply chain for the highest standards of safety and utilization, enabling the best possible care for patients.

Optimize the sterile supply chain

T-DOC ensures consistent quality outcomes and compliance by providing complete overview and traceability of all patient-to-instrument interactions as well as detailed, continuous information regarding the sterile supply workflow to support better planning and utilization.

Simplify and optimize the sterile process

T-DOC simplifies processes, including traceability and registration tasks in sterile supply reprocessing and in the operating room. By identifying which instruments and trays to use first based on expiry date, T-DOC reduces time-consuming and costly re-sterilization.

Right quality at the right time and place

In any T-DOC-enhanced hospital, patients can feel confident about production quality and adherence to infection control standards. T-DOC helps keep the risk of hospital-acquired infections to a minimum, but also enables hospital staff to identify patients impacted by the unlikely event of a recall.

With your patients every step of the way

Integrated Workflow Solutions from Getinge optimize a number of hospital flows centered around the patient pathway by supporting and facilitating work processes for healthcare professionals across all departments. The IWS map illustrates the flows supported by the IWS solutions and highlights the many different steps and tasks that are part of ensuring a safe, calm, and streamlined patient experience.


The T-DOC portfolio consists of three different sterile supply management solutions designed to support the entire sterile flow for instruments, endoscopes, pre-sterile and non-sterile goods.

T-DOC nurse scans instrument container in operating room

T-DOC 2000

T-DOC 2000 optimizes the sterile supply workflow by managing instruments, endoscopes, pre-sterile and non-sterile goods and delivering all articles on time while reducing costs and increasing patient safety. T-DOC can interface with hospital IT systems and manage large scale multi-sites.

T-DOC assistant scans load to sterilizer  with T-DOC Sterile Supply Management software solution from Getinge

T-DOC Select

T-DOC Select is Getinge's electronic traceability solution within sterile supply management suited for mid-sized hospitals. T-DOC Select enables hospitals to optimize the sterile production and ensure regulatory compliance for sterile reprocessing. 

T-DOC endo assistant registering endoscopes with T-DOC Sterile Supply Management from Getinge

T-DOC Endo

T-DOC Endo manages and documents the complex handling and reprocessing specifications of your endoscopes. Ensure accurate work procedures and get complete overview of your endoscope stock.

Integrated Workflow Solutions Getinge Laser Marking Solution single instrument identification

GMS Surgical Instrument Marking Solution

The GMS Surgical Instrument Marking Solution offers permanent, nondestructive and high-quality marking of instruments, endoscopes, tags and trays, improving efficiency and accountability in the sterile supply workflow by ensuring full control of your traceability.

The GMS Surgical Instrument Marking Solution is sold in collaboration between Pryor and Getinge. 


Value traceability

Our value traceability solutions are a great place to start for any reprocessing department looking to standardize processes and improve the patient experience. Learn more about our manual traceability system Meditrax, our easy-to-use electronic traceability system Getinge IMS as well as Traybax and Scantrack.

IWS Integrated Workflow Solutions Getinge Meditrax Manual Traceability


Meditrax is the complete manual traceability and quality assurance solution that enables you to protect your patients and your facility by making it easy to document all steps in the sterile supply flow. The solution is easy-to-use and provides the same basic functionalities as an electronic solution. 

Getinge IMS Instrument Traceability

Getinge IMS

Getinge IMS is the easy-to-use instrument management and sterile supply reprocessing solution that ensures any facility greater efficiency and compliance through comprehensive electronic traceability.


Scantrack is a traceability solution dedicated to providing you with effective management of your reprocessing department.

Integrated Workflow Solutions Getinge Traybax


Traybax is a traceability solution designed to enhance the decontamination management of any facility.


Explore the world of sterile supply management and the many ways in which Getinge can help you establish structured workflows that improve the hospital experience for patients, staff and management.

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Getinge offers a wide range of products, solutions and services that support you through the entire clinical pathway. We encourage you to explore our world and learn how we can help you provide excellent care without ever compromising on quality or safety.

Getinge Online statistics on hospital equipment

Getinge Online

Ensure the highest performance and availability of your Getinge equipment with Getinge Online, our connected solution that enables fast, proactive troubleshooting and ensures maximum equipment uptime and throughput.

Getinge 9100e-series

Getinge 9100E helps you with your high-capacity reprocessing needs in an energy-efficient design. From utensils to surgical tables, you can count on Getinge 9100E to deliver the reliable cleaning needed to prevent cross-contamination and keep patients safe.

Staff discussing in hospital hallway

IWS After Sales

IWS After Sales consulting services offer clear guidance to help ensure your success with the most optimal workflow and architecture of your IWS solution.

IWS Integrated Workflow Solutions

Integrated Workflow Solutions

With IWS, we offer you a safer, integrated and better utilized facility that supports greater consistency and efficiency, enabling healthcare professionals to focus on delivering the best possible care for patients.