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Getinge K-series

Getinge K-series

High-speed sterilization

Getinge K-series sterilizers are exceptionally fast, high-capacity tabletop models.  In just 25 minutes, you can sterilize up to 10 trays using the B-process program. That means up 20 trays per hour.

If you only need a flash program for unwrapped solid instruments, it takes a mere 9 minutes! It all means quickly getting the goods back in circulation, thereby sharply reducing the number of instruments your clinic requires.

Technical Data

Internal measurements
Chamber volume (L/Cu. ft)  15/0.58 20/0.75
Chamber width (mm/in) 200/7.9 200/7.9
Chamber depth (mm/in) 345/13.6 445/17.5
Chamber height (mm/in) 220/8.7 445/17.5
Capacity trays* (pcs/load) 10 10 + 10 min trays
Capacity cassettes** (pcs/load) 5 5 + 5 mini cassettes

*Tray = 284x183x20 mm

**Cassette = 187x186x39 mm    
External measurements
Chamber width (mm/in) 526/20.7 526/20.7
Chamber depth (mm/in) 485/19.1 485/19.1
Chamber height (mm/in) 570/22.4 620/24.4

Daily Machine Release

In accordance with International requirements (EN ISO 17665-1) the Bowie-Dick test remains the benchmark for the daily testing of the mechanical function of your vacuum assisted steam sterilizer. This test includes challenging for effective air removal and steam penetration thereby releasing your sterilizer for its daily use.

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Load Release

The Load Release products provide you the assurance that the correct conditions required for effective sterilization have been achieved in the chamber.

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Getinge ProSeal

Areliable rotary sealer for every need. Provides validated sealing of sterile bags and pouches.

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Getinge WD15 Claro

Under-counter washer-disinfector for up to 6 DIN trays.

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Getinge GSS610H

The GSS610H Sterilizer will keep your sterilization department operating at peak performance, maximizing uptime and efficiency.

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Getinge GSS67H

A steam sterilizer reducing your utility consumption but boosts your throughput.

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Getinge HS33-series

High capacity in a small footprint

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Getinge HS44-series

For high capacity at point of use

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