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Maquet Meera Mobile Operating Table

meera inline table
Meera mobile operating table with patient in sitting position

Maquet Meera Mobile Operating Table

Exceptional Technology. Exceptional Value.

High performance combined with exceptional flexibility and an attractive design.


Maquet Meera is a further development of the proven Maquet Alphastar PRO and Maquet Betastar Mobile Operating Tables, it combines their individual benefits and intelligently brings them together into one product.

A big plus of Maquet Meera is its motorized longitudinal shift, which allows for almost unrestricted radiolucency. It can be universally used in all surgical disciplines and is designed to be compatible to enable the continued use of our existing accessories for mobile OR tables. Equipped with many new product features to effectively help clinicians and surgical staff provide optimal patient care, the Maquet Meera surgical table offers an outstanding price-performance ratio for hospitals worldwide.

Awarded with the iF DESIGN AWARD 2016

The Meera OR table has been awarded with the renowned iF DESIGN AWARD 2016 in the product category for Medicine/Healthcare.

The iF Design Award has been recognized as one of the most influential awards in the global design industry for more than 60 years. In this year’s competition, the international high-profile jury assessed more than 5,000 entries from 53 countries in order to determine who would receive this prestigious award for excellence in design.



Its 310 mm motorized longitudinal shift makes imaging and interventions much easier. It offers a wide range of X-ray options and, combined with a variety of carbon fibre modules, also ensures 360° C-arm use.  The table base design is very slim and concave for an optimal access to the patient.


The proven three-point stance grants full stability up to 454 kg maximum load capacity. All positions are permitted up to a patient weight of 250 kg. This makes Maquet Meera perfectly suited for bariatric surgery. By inserting the wheels the electrical base brake sets the table base completely on the floor.


Extended adjustment ranges provide maximum flexibility in patient positioning for all procedures:

  • 25° Trendelenburg
  • 35° Reverse Trendelenburg
  • 20° Lateral tilt
  • 600 – 1,050 mm height


Maquet Meera provides single-fault safety for all functions. To prevent unintended movements of the entire table top and whole OR table, Maquet Meera includes a lock function. The manual break release can be used in case of dysfunction.


The new hand control for intuitive table operation shows for example status notifications and current adjustment angles. Maquet Meera’s surfaces and stainless-steel base cover are flat – for easy cleaning and wipe disinfection. The motorized autodrive and an additional Sensor Drive controller are optional – these make it easier for surgical staff to steer and control the operating table, and provide individual, precise speed regulation. 


Maquet Meera can be universally used in all surgical disciplines. Hospitals can continue to use our existing mobile OR table accessories, thanks to the same interfaces. Lifecycle tests have proven a great durability. It combines premium features with an excellent price-performance ratio.


Maquet Meera’s SFC (soft foam core) padding provides excellent pressure distribution thanks to a special double layer. It also reflects the patient’s body temperature, which helps prevent hypothermia.


More flexibility for all surgical disciplines

  • The motorized longitudinal shift of the table top offers a wide range of X-ray options and, in combination with a variety of carbon fibre modules also ensures 360° C-arm use.
  • 35° Reverse Trendelenburg – especially for sitting or standing patient positions in bariatric surgery
  • The angle indicator on the hand control display for precise positioning of the patient, and representation of other important information, such as status messages and battery level.
Meera operating table with lying patient

Maquet Meera can be used in both normal and reverse mode for patient positioning by rotated 180° to enhance surgical and imaging access.

Operating table Meera

Thanks to the modular components and the Easy Click technology, the Meera OR table can be easily converted for various applications in no time.

patient lying down on meera operating table

Maquet Meera’s lowest height ensures a comfortable working position for the surgeons when seated.

Meera operating table

The optional autodrive function of Maquet Meera makes moving and maneuvering the table easier, and with the Sensor Drive even the speed can be controlled.

Meera mobile operating table with patient in sitting position

Extended adjustment ranges of Maquet Meera provide great flexibility in patient positioning.

patient lying on the Meera operating table

Maquet Meera patient positioning example: Femur treatment with extension device

Maquet Meera patient lateral position for kidney surgery

Maquet Meera patient positioning example: Lateral position for kidney surgery.

Meera operating table with patient

Maquet Meera patient positioning example: Lower leg treatment with carbon fiber leg plates.

Control untis for Maquet Meera operating table

Control units for Maquet Meera are user-friendly and intuitive to operate. The back-lit hand controls have a display showing status information – making it easy to use even in darkened rooms.

Maquet Meera operating table

Maquet Meera stands for exceptional technology and exceptional value.

Doctor and Meera operating table

Small and flat table base construction of Maquet Meera offers excellent access for the surgical team as well as for imaging equipment.