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Getinge ventilation summit: management of the neonate

Our webinars are now available on demand!

Online event


The Getinge Education Summit aims to build community and educate clinicians around the world about key issues and insights for ventilation and management of the neonate. 

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 Event agenda: 

  • Non-invasive respiratory support for the neonatal patients, featuring Kimberly S. Firestone, Dr. Ian Callander& Prof. Daniele De Luca


  • Invasive respiratory support for the neonatal patients, featuring Prof.Rania A. El-Farrash, Prof. Denys Surkov, Dr. Joris Lemson & Dr. Howard Stein


  • Rescue therapies for the neonatal patients, featuring Prof. Peter Rimensberger &Prof. Daniele De Luca 

This event is intended to provide information to an international audience outside of the US.

Event details

City: Online event
Venue: NA
Booth: NA

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Servo-n Neonatal Ventilator

Help your neonates breathe, sleep and grow at every step of respiratory support with just one device

Read more about Servo-n Neonatal Ventilator

Servo-u Ventilator

Servo-u gives you many options for personalized lung protection and weaning. All are easy to understand, implement and use, making it simple to integrate advanced personalized ventilation strategies into your daily patient care. *The Servo ventilator and and/or ventilator options presented on this page may be pending regulatory approvals to be marketed in your country. Contact your Getinge representative for more information.

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Servo-air NIV Ventilator

Servo-air® NIV is easy to use and independent from compressed air and external power supplies. It makes owning, learning and using quality non invasive ventilation even more attainable. Now also with High Flow therapy option.

Read more about Servo-air NIV Mechanical Ventilator

Neurally Adjusted Ventilatory Assist

Imagine being able to see and deliver what your patients want, while their own natural respiratory drive controls the ventilator. We call it Neurally Adjusted Ventilatory Assist (NAVA). It is based on close monitoring of the output of the patient’s respiratory center, by capturing the electrical signal that activates the diaphragm (Edi), using a dedicated gastric feeding tube (Edi catheter). NAVA shortens the time of mechanical ventilation[3] and increases the number of ventilator-free days[3] [4] [5] by providing personalized ventilation that is both lung- and diaphragm-protective.

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