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Solutions for the Sterile Services Department

In modern healthcare, facilities need to do more with less. Many hospitals are treating more patients, but without a corresponding increase in resources. How can healthcare providers meet this challenge? 

Through our extensive knowledge, experience, and innovative spirit we support you in achieving comprehensive solutions that lower total cost while meeting the latest demands on safety, sustainability and reliability.



Cleaning and Disinfection

Our innovative washer-disinfectors, consumables and IT-solutions help you manage your entire workflow.

Optimise sustainability with the new Getinge S-8668T washer-disinfector

The Getinge 86-series is built on a solid foundation of trust, with nearly 30 years of experience with 86-series WasherDisinfectors alone.

The turbo version uses the lowest possible amounts of water, detergent, and energy for a product of its size, reducing your overall environmental impact. A circulation pump with variable speed control can reduce water consumption and help your SSD meet its sustainability goals.

Reduced energy consumption

The Getinge 86-series Washer-Disinfector uses the most efficient methods for water heating and air drying. Smart technology ensures that drying stops when a set level of internal humidity is reached when running with a partial load (optional).

Optimised efficiency

Pre-programmed cycles ensure maximum efficiency without any wasted time or resources. Integral spray arms optimises water coverage to ensure the best cleaning performance.

Better use of space

The high-capacity washer-disinfector makes more efficient use of floor space in the sterilisation department.

Getinge da Vinci solution

Getinge 86-series Washer-Disinfectors allow you to reprocess EndoWrist® Instruments and most other kinds of surgical instruments in the same washer-disinfector, all with totally reliable results.

Save time, energy and detergent without sacrificing quality with the 9100-series

The Getinge 9100-series Cart Washer-Disinfectors combines good design and smart solutions to deliver the highest levels of cleaning and efficiency. The cart washer can safely clean and disinfect transport carts, containers, bowls, basins and other bulky items.

The 9100E has re-use tanks that retain the heated water from previous wash cycles. In efficiency mode, that warm water is re-used, reducing the need for heat and detergent in the next cycles. This not only reduces water, but also energy, detergent consumption and cycle times.

Take hygiene to a completely new level with Getinge CM320-series

Getinge CM320-series is a reliable, high-performance multi-chamber washer-disinfector that combines high capacity with a compact design. Thanks to its modular design and a broad range of accessories, it is easily adaptable to the needs of each customer.

Full control

Getinge CM 320 features an advanced, but user-friendly control system. A scanner automatically reads the bar-codes, selects the right process and runs through every step automatically. You’re always in full control of the results!

High capacity and throughput

The spacious chamber with a capacity of 15 DIN trays and shortest processtimes essentially contribute to highest output.

Highly adaptable system

Getinge CM 320 is compatible with Getinge’s applicable comprehensive range of accessories, so this multi-chamber washer-disinfector meets nearly any requirements. It is therefore possible to combine Getinge CM 320 with
Getinge 8668 washer-disinfector.


We have a broad selection of built-in pass-through sterilisers in suitable sizes and models, depending on the volume and type of goods. In fact, there is a Getinge steriliser for every application within the hospital, including sterilisers with steam, low temperature processes and cycles for fluid production.

Accurate and consistent results with Getinge GSS67H Steam Steriliser

Getinge GSS67H is designed to provide faster instrument availability to a lower total cost. You can cut process time by up to 30% and reduce utility consumption and thus improve your environmental profile while saving money. It is better for both your patient and our planet.   

Related products

Getinge offers a wide range of products, solutions and services for the SSD. We encourage you to explore our world and learn how we can help you provide excellent care without ever compromising on quality or safety.

Sterile Supply Management

We offer a wide range of solutions – from basic, to state-of-the-art – within sterile supply management to cover your specific needs. 


Getinge offers not only the capital equipment, but also our type-tested OEM consumables designed for efficient and effective outcomes. Our range includes state-of-the-art formulations to handle the most challenging of instrument cleaning obstacles.

Getinge Financial Services

Getinge Flexible Commercial Solutions

Our Flexible Commercial Solutions offer innovative approaches to unlocking vital investment without putting further strain on capital budgets. We work with you as partners, enabling you to spread the cost over time, while minimising the risks associated with major projects.


Getinge Care

A Getinge Care service agreement maximises the longterm value of your investment. Your Getinge products will be monitored and maintained to ensure that they deliver peak performance, whenever and wherever they are needed.


From initial planning to workflow optimization

Planning is the key. When designing a hospital’s sterile production capabilities to accommodate the needs of the next 15 to 20 years, it’s crucial to get things right from the start. With the right architectural planning, you can establish the best possible workflow, which will benefit your facility for years to come. This not only assures hygiene safety and maximum productivity, but also makes a better workplace for the staff.

Read more about sterile department planning

Find the right solution for you

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