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Getinge Operating Tables Accessories

accessory for operating table

Getinge Operating Tables Accessories

A comprehensive range of surgical tables accessories for the best possible patient positioning.


Getinge creates products in close collaboration with doctors and hospitals. This helps to optimize workflows, facilitate the work of the OR team, and improve the success of treatments for patients.

Getinge offers a comprehensive range of accessories for the best possible patient positioning. There are a variety of suitable accessories for different needs and types of surgery, be it infusion stands, or metal free and radiolucent multipurpose plates. All accessories ensure safe and comfortable patient positioning and ergonomic working conditions for the surgical team. Nearly all accessories come equipped with special padding for optimum pressure distribution. Individual OR table configuration helps assist the needs of the patient and surgical team, thus ensuring a successful operation.


Getinge Accessories for orthopedics and traumatology 

Modern orthopedics and traumatology require sophisticated patient positioning and accessories that are specifically tailored to the interventions. Getinge fully covers the entire range of standard applications and carbon fiber components that meet the requirements of modern imaging techniques. Special orthopedic accessories and surgical assist systems complete our accessories portfolio for orthopedics and traumatology.

Getinge Accessories for neurosurgery 

Stable and anatomically accurate patient positioning is the key to all fields or surgery - but especially to neurosurgery. In this case, the unintentional movement of the OR table or OR table accessory could change the position of the patient with fatal consequences. Getinge Accessories are designed so that the patient is held safely and steadily in position, as well as allowing for optimal access for the surgeon during the procedure.

Carbon fiber accessories

Low-artifact radiographs play a key role for optimal outcomes. Getinge offers a variety of accessories consisting of carbon fiber components which provide optimal radiolucent imaging areas. Another key advantage is the low weight of the carbon fiber accessories, making it easy for OR staff members to quickly and efficiently change any relevant accessories.