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Yuno II Ace operating table

Maquet Yuno II Mobile Operating Table*

Purchase a Yuno II Table and receive one of the following package options:

Option 1: Accessory cart, 2 trolleys for DAA bars, Fracture & general accessories

Option 2: Accessory cart, 2 trolleys for DAA bars, Fracture & shoulder accessories

Value: $16,000

Yuno II key features
  • Highest patient-weight capacity on the market!
  • A hip table, shoulder table and fracture table all in one!
  • Highest table settings on the market improve ergonomics for the surgeon
  • Carbon fiber bars improve intraoperative imaging

*Must ship by 12/31/19.

Reference the following Promotional Material Number:
Maquet PowerLED II

Maquet PowerLED II and Volista Surgical Lights

  • With the purchase of a new PowerLED II or Volista light, installation* is included
  • Installation* and removal** are included when replacing your current lighting system with PowerLED II or Volista

Value: Up to $2,600
per 2LH Configuration

Key features
  • Delivers constant, clear, shadow-free illumination of tissue
  • AIM system (Automatic Illumination Management) compensates for the loss of illumination due to surgical staff obstruction
  • PowerLED II Comfort Light minimizes contrast between the center of the surgical patch and surrounding area, helping to reduce eye fatigue and glare

*Customer discards old lights. **Does not include new structure plate or ceiling support stucture. Does not include installation of SATELITE axis 2/3 accessories.

Reference the following Promotional Material Number:
  • Install single-arm system: ZSUSINSSGLPROMO
  • Install dual-arm system: ZSUSINSDUAPROMO
  • Install / Remove single-arm system: ZSUSINSREMSGLPROMO
  • Install / Remove dual-arm system: ZSUSINSREMDUAPROMO

Getinge Tegris OR Integration

  • 40% off list price of Tegris 4K Base System – $106,000
  • Included T-DOC web module and case cart solution with purchase of a Tegris system

Value: $63,000 off list

Tegris key features
  • Flexible video routing and documentation
  • Full OR integration with your hospital IT systems
  • Full OR room management of the operating table, lights, temperature, ventilation, music and more – through one single source

*Does not include installation or service

Reference the following Promotional Material Number
  • Tegris 4K Promotion: LUS-TEGRIS4KP
  • Purchase Tegris system and receive T-DOC modules: LUS-TEGRISTDOC

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