Getinge Support for Genuine Educational Programs in North America

Getinge is committed to continue supporting the advancement of genuine medical education in programs that relate to disease states, conditions, and treatments relevant to the company’s mission.  We recognize the important role that educational grants play in our mission, both in benefits to patient care and the advancement of medical technology, treatment, and knowledge. On an annual basis, we receive hundreds of requests and we aim to provide responsible support.

Due to finite resources, we have currently reached our limit for submissions. We apologize for the inconvenience and will reopen the program at a later point in time.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

Grants are awarded to the requesting organization or accrediting provider.  Individuals, authors, faculty members, or private practices are not eligible for funding.  Examples include:

  • Academic Medical Center
  • Academic Teaching Institution
  • Accredited Organization
  • Civic Organization
  • Government Agency
  • Medical Education Company
  • Medical Society/Association
  • National/Regional Association
  • Patient Advocacy Organization
  • Professional Association