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Get 2 Know You at CiDA

Thank you for your interest in participating in our “Get 2 Know You” campaign. This campaign is an effort to enhance our partnership with our customers and get to know more about you, your personal mission for providing patient care, and how the Getinge organization and our products can support  your goals now, and in the future. 

There are two options to participate during the upcoming CiDA meeting in San Diego.  Please review the information below, and select one or both of the options and the times best suited for your schedule.  An email confirmation with the details will be provided to confirm your appointment(s).  As a gesture of our appreciation, and in an effort to support your staff training requirements,  you will be entered into a raffle for a Hemodialysis Therapy Trainer ($2900 Value) for each of the activities you participate in. 

Video Interview Option

This is a 15 minute in person, 1 on 1 interview, where you will be asked a handful of questions designed to provide us more information about you, your practice, your patient goals, and your experience with Getinge products.

This casual interview with be filmed, and a video release will be required to be executed upon arrival.

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Insight Activity Option

This is a 20 minute in person meeting with Getinge marketing and product development engineers where you will be asked to provide general feedback regarding market trends, best practices, clinical and economic outcomes and product experience.  Your input and feedback will provide valuable insight to help shape the new product development path for Getinge.

A general non-disclosure agreement will be required upon arrival if you participate in this activity.

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Win This Hemodialysis Trainer!

As a gesture of our appreciation, and in an effort to support your staff training requirements, you will be entered into a raffle for a Hemodialysis Therapy Trainer ($2900 Value).

Chamberlain Group Hemodialysis Occlusion Trainer

An ultrasonic-compatible trainer for clot resolution training. This tabletop model provides straightforward training in the ultrasonic treatment of thromboses within synthetic hemodialysis access grafts. The model features a rigid sculpture of the arm with simulated replaceable access graft. A custom system allows demonstration and training of ultrasonic clot resolution devices with fluid flow; water and waste are collected in a removable tray. The synthetic Graft (Item 5052) is designed for easy replacement.


Notice to Winner:  By participating in the drawing, the participant agrees to the following:  The winner will be chosen randomly and will receive an educational model/mannequin. The purpose of the mannequin is to educate and inform Health Care Providers (HCPs) about the benefits, risks and appropriate uses of medical devices, disease states or other scientific information.  Getinge Group and/or its subsidiaries may use the information provided below to comply with Federal and/or State reporting requirements in relation to allowable item that provides a genuine educational function. The mannequin cannot be used for non-educational or non-patient-related purposes.  The fair market value of the item provided, valued at $2,900, will be disclosed to the relevant authority, as appropriate.  Further, as required under applicable federal or state laws, including but not limited to Vermont statute 18 V.S.A. § 4631a(a)(1)(E), this document will constitute a written agreement between the HCP and the manufacturer.