Share your 2017 story with us.

At Getinge, we make a difference every single day: to our customers, their patients and the communities we live and work in. The difference we make can also be thought of as the value each of us brings through the work that we do and the value our products and solutions deliver to our customers and their patients. In preparation for the National Sales Meeting we are seeking examples of how you, your teammates and our products have impacted others in the last year. Check out some examples below and share your story.

Greg Master's Story
Chris Odom's Story
We invite you to use the form below to tell us your 2017 story. You may submit a photo or video in any format if you wish. Please limit videos to two minutes or less.
The deadline for submissions is December 22nd, 2017.

Tell us about a specific experience this year in which you or you saw or observed a Getinge team or product make a significant impact on a customer, patient, hospital or community.