Aseptic Filling Line Isolators


Getinge offer isolators for aseptic filling and processing under GMP requirements. These isolators offer a safe environment for operation within this type of application.

Recirculated unidirectional airflow, temperature regulation, full PLC control, safe change HEPA filters and air velocity measurements are just some of the features of the isolators we build for aseptic filling or liquid cytotoxic drug production.

Moreover, our unique DPTE® system ensures safe, easy transfer in and out of the isolator without breaking containment so without any production stops. All this makes Getinge isolators a much safer choice for both the operator and the process.

Getinge has years of experience with isolation technology

Providing a safe operating environment

Economical: no production stop when transferring sterile components in and out

Wide range of DPTE® accessories, both single-use and re-usable, autoclavable containers


Aseptic filling

Aseptic filling line isolators from Getinge are a key component in Aseptic filling to help prevent product contamination and protect operators

Component and Equipment Processing

In fill operations for sterile injectable drug products GMP regulations require prevention of cross-contamination. Aseptic filling line isolators play a role in safe component and equipment processing.

Safe handling of potent chemicals

Potent or toxic chemicals present operator risks. Aseptic filling line isolators assure the safety of those who handle them.