Astron Self-Expanding Stent

Astron Stent

Astron Self-Expanding Stent

Indicated for improving luminal diameter in patients with iliac atherosclerotic lesions in vessel reference diameters between 4.3 mm and 9.5 mm and lesion lengths up to 105 mm


Astron is a stent designed for iliac artery lesions which are often calcified and occluded. Both stent and markers are completely coated with proBIO. Unique “S-articulations” are intended to facilitate stent conformability which allows the stent to track vessel movement while maintaining required chronic outward force.

Strength with flexibility
  • Pull-back delivery system enables simple stent deployment
  • 5.2F proximal shaft for contrast injection while device in sheath
  • Segmented stent design and strut thickness designed to provide sufficient chronic outward force in the iliac territory
  •  S-articulating connecting bars enable a peak-to-valley design for multi-directional flexibility

Instructions for Use


For Instructions for Use (IFU) for this product, please visit Biotronik's product manual library.