Atrium Express Dry Seal Chest Drain

Atrium Express Dry Seal Chest Drain

Atrium Express Dry Seal Chest Drain

Fast set-up speed and efficiency with advanced dry seal technology.


The Express 4000 Series offers knock-over protection with an innovative system of knock-over nozzles that help reduce interchamber spills and allow safe transport. The Express lives up to its name, with pre-packaged sterile water provided and set-up is immediate.

Express chest drains offer quick and convenient set-up with patient protection. The Express chest drain integrates precision dry suction regulation, and a dry seal one-way valve technology for patient safety.

Express dry seal valve technology protects the patient in any position

  • In-line connector with needleless access sampling port
  • Convenient fingertip suction adjustment from -10 to -40 cmH2O (pre-set at -20 cmH2O)
  • Highly visible suction indicator
  • High negative and positive pressure relief valves for patient protection
  • Graduated monitor for patient air leak trending

  • Large, easy-to-grab handle and flexi-hangers allow the drain to be hung bedside from a single point
  • Internal knock-over nozzles to reduce inter-chamber fluid spills
  • Large, easy-to-read graphics provide fast, accurate drainage assessment
  • Removable side clamp
  • Not made from natural rubber latex

Ordering Information

Description     Case QTY Part Number
Single Collection, 1 Patient Tube, ATS Bag Compatible 6 4000-100N
ATS Blood Recovery, 1 Patient Tube, ATS Bag Compatible 6 4050-100N

Express setup and operation video

This video details the setup and operation of the Express dry seal chest drain.

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