Flow-i Anesthesia Machine

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Flow-i Anesthesia Machine

Advanced anesthesia for all procedures, from neonates to the morbidly obese.

The Flow-i combines superior ventilation performance with smart decision support tools in an easy to use workstation. The Flow-i lets you treat even your most challenging patients with safe, lung-protective and cost-efficient ventilation and anesthetic care. 


Flow-i at a glance

When developing the Flow-i, we have built on our insight and expertise as a world-leading manufacturer of Servo ventilators, enabling us to develop unique, innovative technology. Technology that combines high power with high sensitivity and accuracy to gently optimize gas exchange in the lungs and minimize the risk of complications. Flow-i is powerful and reliable, and the same time easy to use.

Advanced ICU ventilator performance and anesthesia delivery together in one user-friendly unit.

  • The Flow Core Technology for excellent ventilation performance
  • Modular and upgradeable system
  • Intuitive touch screen, tiltable and rotatable
  • Low-flow anesthesia with a FGF (Fresh Gas Flow) limit of 0.3 l/min, and with visual guidance
  • Active hypoxic guard, the O2Guard, for added safety
  • Easy maintenance and training

Ventilation performance

Next-generation technology at the core

Ventilation performance is not only about modes, but most importantly to ensure the power and precision to ventilate all patient categories. At the heart of the Flow-i you'll find the innovative Flow Core Technology providing superior ventilation performance – power when you need it, yet gentle on the lungs. [1]

Ensuring accurate and precise gas delivery

Our patented Volume Reflector is a smart rebreathing system. In combination with Servo gas modules, it enables accurate tidal volumes down to 5 ml, providing better ventilation performance compared to bag-in-bottle, turbine and piston-operated systems.[2]

The rigid Volume Reflector is never empty to ensure uninterrupted ventilation, and compensates effectively for leakage.

To minimize the risk of hypoxic mixtures, the Volume Reflector is oxygen driven. It has a small system volume for fast wash-in and wash-out and a rebreathing fraction of 95%.

Watch our video explaining how the Volume Reflector rebreathing system works!

Getinge Flow-c gas modules

Enabling ICU-quality ventilation

The proven Servo gas modules deliver up to 200 l/min inspiratory flow and are capable of adjusting pressure and flow several times within every breath, according to each patient’s needs.

Fast and precise delivery of anesthetic agents

Electronic injection technology enables precise delivery of agents, primarily during the inspiratory phase, with minimal waste.

The lightweight and maintenance-free vaporizers can be refilled and exchanged while the machine is running, and do not require annual calibration.

Only 2.9 liters

A small system volume (2.9 l) allows fast wash-in and wash-out which saves time and agent consumption.


Easy to use and smart by design

The intuitive 15” rotatable and tiltable touchscreen is straightforward to understand and use, and lets you control everything from one place saving time. The Flow-i is easy to move, position and configure and it can be placed anywhere around the OR table, ensuring the screen is in reach. With flexible mounting options for both monitors and accessories, you can truly personalize your workstation.

“Flow-i is so easy to use, training new staff and external consultants is made much easier…”

Clinician during testing

Low-flow anesthesia the safest[2] way

Unique hypoxic guard protects your patients.

Reduce the risk
of hypoxia with O₂Guard

Unlike hypoxic guards in conventional anesthesia machines, OGuard actively intervenes if the inspired oxygen concentration drops below 21%, reducing the risk of hypoxic mixtures.

Flow Volume Reflector Indicator

Visual guidance
when lowering the flows

The VRI (Volume Reflector Indicator) is a useful visual guide that enables
you to optimize the rebreathing fraction and thus save anesthetic agent.

This tool makes it simple to set the optimal Fresh Gas Flow (FGF) and minute volume ratio. Agent consumption can easily be monitored via the interface.


Flow-i product front

Flow-i C20

The Flow-i C20 provides you with the extra storage you need. Choose between two or three drawers.

Flow-i product photo

Flow-i C30

Flow-i C30 is unique in its height adjustability. Combined with a vast mounting and positioning flexibility you can tailor the machine to suite your working position.

Flow-i product photo front

Flow-i C40

Flow-i C40 is ceiling mounted, offering a two-part circulating radius, which results in a wide spatial range for the unit. The C40 facilitates cleaning and thus contributes to infection control.

Secure investment

Optimizing uptime and efficiency

Flow-i is designed to minimize the overall cost of ownership. From innovations that reduce consumption of anesthetic agents to extensive training programs. With remote services and connectivity solutions we make it easy to manage your fleet.

Simplified cleaning and maintenance

When cleaning the Flow-i, only 7 parts need to be removed, saving costs and supporting infection control.

Preventive maintenance is optimized to reduce complexity with few and easily accessible parts only changed every two years.

Getinge Care: protecting your investment

Optimizing equipment services is an excellent way to boost productivity and reduce costs. A Getinge Care service plan ensures your equipment always performs to its full potential, allowing you to focus on saving lives.

consumables product photo flow-i

High quality consumables

We offer an extensive range of readily available consumables. These are designed for the highest possible level of patient safety and outstanding ease of use.

Patient data at your fingertips

MSync helps you to connect your Flow-i fleet to your patient monitor, HIS or patient data management system (PDMS). Clinical and patient data are transferred in real time to support clinical decision-making.


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