Getinge 633HC Series Steam Sterilizers

Getinge 633HC Series Steam Sterilizers

The Getinge 633HC Vacuum/Gravity Steam Sterilizer holds up to twice as many standard instrument trays than other similar-sized units, doubling throughput in the same amount of space. 



The 633HC Series Sterilizers are the ideal replacement unit for renovation projects where space is at a premium. The unit is also optimized for ambulatory surgical centers and the larger instrument sets required for orthopedic surgeries.

The 633HC Steam Sterilizer features a 5.7" VGA color display with intuitive, flexible, soft-key controls to facilitate fast on-screen modifications of cycle parameters and quick reference of cycle values. Choose from three operating screens including bar graph (with visible cycle time remaining), plot graph or detail view. Offering a total of 21 cycles for healthcare applications including wrapped and unwrapped porous and non-porous hard goods, gowns or towel packs, and liquids in self-venting or unsealed containers.


Largest model holds up to 12 large instrument containers (51" sterilizer)
Single or double door models available
Greater chamber capacities in choice of three depths
Stainless steel chamber for superior corrosion resistance

Technical data

Model 26" (660mm) 39" (1000mm) 51" (1300mm)


Gravity and vacuum steam Gravity and vacuum steam Gravity and vacuum steam
Chamber height 26.5" (672mm) 26.5" (672mm) 26.5" (672mm)
Chamber width 26.5" (672mm) 26.5" (672mm) 26.5" (672mm)
 Chamber volume 10.6 Cu Ft (299L) 15.8 Cu Ft (449L) 20.7 Cu Ft (586L)


Loading Equipment

Getinge sterilizer load cars and transfer carriages are the ideal accessories for your steam sterilizers. They provide ease of movement and are designed for ergonomic and efficient loading and transfer of goods. All of our loading accessories are constructed of stainless steel for long life under severe conditions.

600 Series Load Car

The 600 series load car is constructed with a stainless steel frame and includes a bottom shelf platform for stability. Vertical corner members have intervals of holes for inserting shelf support rods to adjust the shelf spacing. Additional rods can be inserted to serve as load back-stops. Each basic load car includes one fixed shelf and two adjustable shelves with support rods. The load car has a maximum load capacity of 440 lbs (200 Kg) with each shelf having a capacity of 275 lbs (125 Kg). The 440 lbs should be distributed evenly over the total number of shelves installed on the load car.

600 Series "SMART" Load Trolley

The "SMART" Load Trolley is used for ergonomic handling of loads between the packing area and each sterilizer, or between the sterilizer and sterile storage. The Trolley loading table is equipped with a manually operated load latch with two positions. Turn the latch handle full to the left to dock with the sterilizer and allow the Load Car to be inserted into the sterilizer chamber; or to unload the Load Car from the chamber. Turn the handle full to the right to undock the trolley from the sterilizer. This action also locks the Load Car in place on the trolley table.


Peel Pouch Sterilization Rack

Designed to hold plastic/paper peel pouches in a vertical position during a sterilization cycle. Use inside a tray for easy and safety of load removal. This rack provides spacing to ensure sterilant contact to all surfaces and drainage if moisture is present during a cycle.

Instrument Basket

Modular instrument tray with perforated bottom and solid sides to prevent small instruments from sticking out. Includes carrying handles.

Water Saver Packages

The Getinge MP-129 Water Saver Modernization Package is intended for use on healthcare or scientific mechanical air-removal and gravity displacement Getinge steam sterilizers. Water Consumption can be reduced significantly when the equipment is operated as recommended in the sterilizer operating instructions.