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Maquet Volista Surgical Light

Maquet Volista surgical light
Maquet Volista StandOP surgical light with AIM mode
Maquet Volista  operating room light color temperature

Maquet Volista Surgical Light

See better, go further

A successful surgical outcome is highly dependent upon the surgeon’s ability to visualize and assess the wound.


Maquet Volista surgical light

Much more than just a light

Surgery can be a high-stress job with long hours. Poor lighting can slow surgical progress and cause eye strain that can lead to fatigue-related errors.

Maquet Volista surgical light laminar air flow

Perform surgery with safety in mind

Improving surgical safety is a goal for healthcare facilities worldwide. Maquet Volista operating lights have been developed with this goal in mind.

Maquet Volista operating light

Fully adjustable to meet each surgeon’s needs

With Maquet Volista surgical light, it’s simple to adjust the light to the surgeon’s specifications. From positioning to intensity, all elements of the lighting experience can be easily modified.

Optimal visibility for minimally invasive surgery

Maquet Volista offers green ambient lighting at the center of the light head to minimize glare on monitors during MIS. The ambient light provides enough illumination to help surgical staff move safely in the darkened OR.

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Get a clearer view of the surgical site

A successful surgical outcome is deeply rooted in the surgeon’s ability to visualize and assess the wound. Good lighting is a critical part of clear assessment and safe treatment. With the Maquet Volista Surgical Light, we’re helping surgeons do what they do best.

Discover how Maquet Volista has improved Aarhus University Hospital (Denmark)’s surgical procedures.


Clear, consistent illumination in changing conditions

With the patented Luminance Management Device (LMD)*, luminance remains constant throughout the surgical procedure. LMD helps surgeons clearly visualize the surgical site without eye strain. 

* only available for Maquet Volista StandOP