Isolation and Sterile Transfer

Getinge's barrier isolators create a separation of raw materials, a product or an experiment from its environment. The patented DPTE® sterile transfer systems provide the means to move material in and out of an isolator or sterile zone without breaking containment. In addition, Getinge provides complete solutions for modular filling lines inside isolators .

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API Processing Isolators

High-quality 316L stainless steel construction

Aseptic Filling Line Isolators

DPTE® Alpha

The core of the DPTE® transfer system is the Alpha port with its secure interlock enabling totally safe connections a...


The DPTE® system is based on the interaction of an Alpha part with a Beta part – each fitted with a door, a lock and ...

DPTE® Beta Containers

Stainless steel or plastic DPTE® Beta Containers allow for safe transfer into and out of a barrier system in various ...

Glove Leak Testers (GLT)

Ensure a safe production and process control with the paperless Glove Leak Tester that enables seamless in-situ glove...

Interface Isolators

Flexible-wall and rigid-wall options

ISOFLEX-R Isolators

Ergonomic operation for 1-2 operators

ISOFLEX-S Isolators

Getinge 3-glove ISOFLEX is for one operator and offers a large storage capacity

Isolator Manipulation Devices

Fitted to Getinge isolators

ISOTEST Isolators

Ergonomic operation for 1-2 operators

Transfer Isolators

Portable, lightweight design for easy movement

Transfer Leak Testers (TLT)

Meet current and future regulations with the wireless and pipeless Transfer Leak Tester for DPTE® Alpha ports and rig...