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Soiled zone - receive, sort and pre-clean

After visual inspection, unclean items are either put straight on racks and loaded into the washer-disinfectors or manually cleaned. Manual cleaning methods include soaking, or spray-gun rinse and/or ultrasonic cleaning before being loaded into the washer-disinfector.

Pre-cleaning and workflow offering

The right washing accessories are important for optimizing the workflow of delicate instruments and anesthetic equipment. After visual inspection, debris can be removed from an instrument either by scrubbing the instrument manually using a surfactant or detergent and water, or by using one of our ultrasonic cleaners.

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Getinge Care - when saving lives matter

Getinge offers a complete range of after sales services designed to maximize the useful life and long-term value of your investments. We provide the tools to help you with your work of taking care of a multitude of people on their way to recovery.

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