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3,000,000 syringes per day
360 days of production
2 sterilizers

At Getinge, we believe that biopharmaceutical production sites are better when everyone is working together. When you need to reach the highest quality outcome, we are by your side every step of the way, working together as one.

With passion for the future

Whether you are producing the cures of today or discovering the cures of the future, preventing contamination from occurring is the common challenge. We are there to support you in ensuring a productive and contamination-free research or production environment.

Contamination prevention in research and production

Getinge Life Science brings together a comprehensive offering of equipment, technical expertise, and consultative services. Together, these solutions meet both common and highly specialized process needs for contamination prevention in biopharmaceutical production, biomedical research, heat sensitive goods manufacturing, and laboratory applications.

Reliable biopharmaceutical production processes

Getinge provides solutions for your unique challenges. We help you to meet strict compliance requirements for cleanliness and sterility while streamlining processes to achieve high performance and maximum productivity.

Protect the integrity of the scientific data derived from biomedical research

Guarantee the integrity of your research facility’s scientific data. We support you to develop the architectural layout, design a process work flow, and select the proper equipment.

Keep glassware and utensils in your laboratory free from contamination

Dirty glassware, residual chemicals and microbiological soil may cause inaccurate results. Getinge provides solutions that eliminate contamination, while ensuring the best use of each customer’s unique space and resources.

Safe and productive sterilization of heat sensitive goods.

We can help you shorten your process development and production time. Combining our sterilization and automation solutions with knowledge and expertise will deliver a safe and effective turnkey system that meets your facility’s unique requirements.

Application engineering support for optimal solutions

We can help you plan for optimal contamination prevention solutions that add value to your research or production process. With extensive application knowledge and expertise, we understand our customer’s challenges and needs within the Life Science industry.

Wherever you are, you can count on Getinge

Getinge’s worldwide reach and extensive installed base give us the ability to support you wherever you are in the world.