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Biomedical Research

The search for new cures

Biomedical research looks for ways to prevent and treat diseases. These investigations lead to discoveries, which in turn lead to the development of new treatments, therapies and cures for human and veterinary health. 

Ensuring the integrity of scientific data

The integrity of scientific data produced in modern biomedical research facilities is of paramount importance to humanity. Safe and contamination free research facilities are therefore essential. This ever-present need dictates that vivariums are clean and contamination-free, and that researchers and technicians are protected from allergens and pathogens.

Design a safe and protected research environment

Getinge provides solutions for your specific requirements in cage reprocessing and biocontainment. Proper facility design, equipment and process work flow guarantees the integrity of the scientific data produced.

Application areas

Different applications require different measures of ensuring the correct research environment. Find the best solution together with Getinge.

A safe and contamination-free vivarium environment

The vivarium is a controlled environment designed to protect both research and staff. Getinge systems and solutions meet the needs of the vivarium, providing washing and sterilization resources, as well as automated solutions for cage reprocessing.

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Biocontainment – handling biohazardous materials

In BSL-3 and BSL-4 research facilities, proper handling of biohazardous materials is of critical importance. These facilities must protect the research environment from contamination while employing biocontainment measures to protect the external environment from harmful pathogens. Getinge offers solutions for cleaning, bio-decontamination and sterilization to safely and efficiently handle materials according to their classifications and bio-safety levels.

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Preventing contamination in the Life Science industry

Discover how you can work with contamination prevention in biopharmaceutical and heat sensitive goods production as well as in various laboratory applications.