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Prevent Laboratory Contamination

A wide range of analytical research in Life Sciences

Laboratories used for scientific research take many forms. Despite the differing requirements of specialists in the various fields of science and engineering, they all share the same common challenges: cleanliness, reliability and repeatability. 

Don’t let contamination ruin tests and experiments

Experiments can be easily ruined by contamination. Clean labware, free of residual chemicals and microbiological soils, is critical to maintain compliance with current Good Laboratory Practices (cGLP) that can give false results. Thoroughly cleaned glassware and lab utensils ensure experimental accuracy and decrease the need for expensive retesting and reanalysis. 

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Focus on experiments and tests without worrying about cross contamination. Getinge offers a broad spectrum of laboratory grade washers, sterilizers, chemistries, accessories and services to meet the requirements for lab research in a variety of settings and across the globe.


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Labware cleaning and sterilization

Glassware and utensils must be clean and dry to avoid cross-contamination. In microbiology labs, labware must also be sterile to eliminate the risk of transfer of living microorganisms, endotoxins as well as chemical residuals. Getinge provides a variety of lab sterilizers and washers to meet your needs for decontamination of laboratory glassware and utensils.

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Preventing contamination in the Life Science industry

Ensuring cleanliness and sterility is paramount in the life science industry. Getinge are there to support you in this challenge allowing you to focus on ensuring efficient production processes or  reliable scientific data.