Best possible anesthetic care for all your patients

Our goal is to help you minimize agent usage and give you more time to treat and care for your patients during surgery. You and your patients, from neonates to morbidly obese, can benefit from Maquet Flow-i.

ICU ventilation performance and anesthesia delivery - all in one

When treating high-risk patients with pulmonary disease or compromised pulmonary function, you need an anesthesia machine with superior ventilation performance. Based on our heritage and the core technology of the Servo ventilator platform, Flow-i is designed to handle these common ventilatory challenges.

More on Flow-i´s superior ventilation performance

Unique O₂Guard helps reduce risk for hypoxia

Unlike hypoxic guards in conventional anesthesia machines, Flow-i´s OGuard® actively intervenes if the inspired oxygen concentration drops below 21%, eliminating the risk of hypoxic mixtures.

Learn more about our active hypoxic guard

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