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Ensuring a contamination free vivarium environment

Optimal vivarium conditions and workflows

The vivarium area of the facility is of key importance for both research and staff, achieving and maintaining a controlled environment is therefore a necessity for successful research results. Each facility’s specific requirements and layout, present challenges on equipment and workflows to efficiently preserve optimal vivarium conditions.

With the specific circumstances of your facility, Getinge’s sterilization and automated cage reprocessing and bedding handling systems support you in ensuring efficient workflows as well as a safe and contamination free vivarium environment.

GSS R Steam Sterilizer for Lab and Biomedical research

Sterilization, decontamination and biocontainment are vital in biomedical research facilities such as vivariums and laboratories. Getingesteam sterilizers help secure biosafety levels and scientific data integrity.

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Getinge LS 800-Series Steam Sterilizers for Biomedical Research

Getinge LS 800 series steam sterilizers help you achieve predictability, reliable containment and scientific data integrity in biomedical research facilities.

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Sterilizer Loading Equipment

The loading system is an integral part of efficient and user-friendly operation of any sterilization system. Getinge supports you with expertise and a wide range of loading equipment for many diverse applications.

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Getinge Vivus Biomed Washers

Getinge Vivus Biomed Washers are a comprehensive cleaning system for animal care equipment to maintain a controlled and contamination-free vivarium environment.

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Getinge Cage Handling System for Tunnel Washers

Getinge Cage Handling System improves the operator safety as the allergen exposure is reduced. Robots are able to handle larger quantities of cages which enhances productivity. Working in cooperation with users, engineers, architects and facility planners our equipment has been developed to satisfy the unique demands and stringent regulations of the industry.

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