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Getinge Verified Pricing

Verified  Pricing from Getinge

At Getinge, we strive to continually improve the customer experience. Verified Pricing will simplify and streamline the purchasing process from Getinge.

What is Verified Pricing?

The goal of Verified Pricing is to start the purchasing process with market relevant pricing that will enable our customers to spend their time on making sure we are providing the right solution for your needs rather than non-value add activities.

Verified Pricing is aimed at simplifying and streamlining how your organization purchases products and services from Getinge. We have undertaken a division-wide effort to communicate to our customer’s upfront, competitive and consistent pricing.

Our commitment to customers

As a Getinge customer, you can expect initial quotations that reflect the true value of the products and services proposed to meet your needs. These quotations reflect pricing that has been pre-negotiated with GPO’s on your behalf, effectively streamlining price negotiations. Our Getinge sales team is prepared to explain Verified pricing and discuss ways in which Getinge can provide additional value to its customers.

We are confident that Verified Pricing will simplify the purchasing process, saving valuable time and resources that can be leveraged to ensure you are receiving the best possible solutions for your needs.

Thank you for your valued business.

We greatly value your trust and confidence and sincerely appreciate your loyalty.

 To learn more about Verified Pricing, we invite you to contact us by using the form below.