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Father and son duo share a quarter-century journey at Getinge

In the heart of Getinge’s Merrimack production site in New Hampshire, a beautiful story unfolds where Jason and Frank Smith, a dedicated father and son, celebrate 25 years of collaboration. Their journey in advancing medtech is also deeply personal, tied to the very devices that help saves lives, including their own.

At Getinge, the term ‘family’ takes on a big significance, especially for Jason Smith, the warehouse supervisor with 26 years of service, and his father, Frank Smith. Together, they’ve been part of the company’s journey towards the forefront of medical innovation.

Jason’s passion for the life-saving devices created at Getinge runs deep, as he explains how critical each component they manage is to the entire production chain.

“It’s more than a job; it’s a lifestyle. Every drain, every graft that passes through our production sites, carries the potential to save lives. That’s something we never lose sight of,” he states.

Jason has an emotional connection to his work which stems from his personal experience with Getinge’s Oasis chest drain, a product the Merrimack team handles every day and that has dramatically improved his life.

“Having been on the receiving end of the very products we ship worldwide; I know firsthand the impact they have. Oasis didn’t just help me; it changed my life and gave me a unique perspective on our work,” he reveals.

Frank Smith, who joined Getinge shortly after his son, brings years of expertise as a production planner, but says his dedication at work arises from witnessing the result of Jason’s own experience with the drain.

“Seeing my own son’s life enhanced by our products increases the commitment I feel every day. The medical devices we make gives many people a second chance at life,” Frank says.

The synergy between father and son has been a cornerstone of their success at Getinge.

“Working alongside my dad for about 25 years has been incredible. His enthusiasm, his dedication, it’s infectious,” Jason smiles.

Frank echoes this sentiment, adding:

“What goes around comes around. We support each other, and that extends to everyone we work with.”

Their story is also one of community and shared experiences. Many of the colleagues they consider family have been with them for decades, witnessing each other’s children grow up, sharing moments of joy and challenge alike.

When not working, both Jason and Frank cherish their time outdoors, whether it’s camping, fishing, or simply relaxing at the beach. These moments of leisure are vital, strengthening the bonds that make them so effective as a team.

As they look back on the quarter-century spent at Getinge, both father and son are filled with a sense of accomplishment and hope.

“Knowing we’ve had a hand in bringing life-saving technology to those who need it most, and will continue to do so, makes every day worthwhile,” Frank concludes.

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