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INSIGHT Patient Flow Management

Complete control of your patient flow from arrival to discharge

INSIGHT is the patient flow management solution that ensures complete coordination, collaboration and communication in and across departments, optimizing processes. This helps optimize processes and enables the best possible care for patients.


Emergency coordinator screen from INSIGHT the patient flow management solution from Getinge
Nurses discuss bed capacity based on patient flow forecasts on screens from the INSIGHT patient flow management solution
Nurse using INSIGHT patient flow management solution on a tablet to manage the patient flow from arrival to discharge

Streamline processes for an optimal health output

  • Staff overview
  • Silent communication
  • Patients lists
  • Surgery calendar
  • Data dashboards and capacity forecast
INSIGHT patient flow management  solution saves working  hours

6,400 working hours saved per year

INSIGHT increaes department efficiency

19% increase in department efficiency

The staff have welcomed the new initiatives to the extent that today they cannot work without the patient flow system which is an indispensable tool for everyone in the department.

INSIGHT shows clear staff overviews

Staff overview

Visualization of staff on duty

  • Overview of who is working in which roles or responsibilities 
  • Easy to assign patient and activity responsibilities
  • Staff are presented with their name, profile picture, phone and contact information
INSIGHt patient flow management solution from Getinge supports silent communication

Silent communication

Instant communication across departments

  • Share information in real-time between relevant locations
  • Mobile notification alert key staff of new assignments, changes or delays
  • Notes offer one-way messages on hospital or department level
  • Chat functionality within and across locations
etinge´s patient flow management system INSIGHT supports patient lists with assigned clinical activities

Patient lists

Filtered overviews of patients and their assigned care activities

  • Lists of inbound or waiting patients, patient transfers or planned discharges.
  • Lists of patients with assigned clinical activities (blood tests, x-rays, examinations or surgery)
INSIGHT patient flow management system from Getinge  shows surgery calendar

Surgery calendars

Overview of the surgery plan and ongoing surgery progress

  • Surgery schedule across ORs
  • Color coding for surgeries to its current status
  • Progress updates
  • Updates information for every department
The patient flow management system INSIGHT delivers data dashboards

Data dashboard and capacity forecast

Decision-making support for department and hospital management

  • Dashboards with easy-to-decode graphs
  • Quick overview of key performance indicators
  • Overview of the current situation in the department
Nurse is working in INSIGHT the patient flow management solution on touchscreens

Effective prioritization with clear patient statuses

INSIGHT visualizes key treatment information such as triage levels, specialties, care level, and planned activities in simple overviews. All to provide staff with the information they need to make better decisions and ensure high standards of care.

INSIGHT bed capacity overview  in the patient flow management system

Cross-hospital bed capacity management

INSIGHT visualizes bed locations and capacities, including cleaning state, reservations, and special features. The scalable overview can be used for local administration in a single department or span the entire hospital. This supports central bed coordination teams in managing and allocating capacities.

INSIGHT patient flow managemen solution  show surgical progress updates

Surgical progress updates & flexible planning

INSIGHT helps maximize the utilization of operating rooms, equipment and resources. During surgery, real-time progress updates from within the OR combined with live video streams are visible at coordinator workstations. Together with mobile notifications on significant changes, cancellations and reprioritizations are shared automatically with surgical and service staff.

The patient flow management system delivers real-time dashborads

Real-time data dashboards and capacity forecasting

INSIGHT’s graphical dashboards with key department data provide at-a-glance insights into the current load. Thus, INSIGHT offers ongoing decision-making for department and C-level alike. Data on inbound patients, transfers and planned discharges builds capacity forecasts, revealing potential overcrowding, bottlenecks, and staff shortages.

  • An overview of proven customer results after implementing the INSIGHT patient flow management solution

  • An introduction to the INSIGHT patient flow management solution and the value it brings to customers