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Sprinter Cart &
Sprinter Cart XL

Mobile and multi-functional workstation in different sizes for extracorporeal support applications with ROTAFLOW Console, the Rotaflow II Base Unit or the Cardiohelp System as well as HU 35 Heater Unit.

The Sprinter Cart and Sprinter Cart XL fulfill both transport and inpatient requirements and are used in operating rooms and intensive care units as well as for internal hospital patient transport. 

Multi-functional workstation Sprinter Cart for extracorporeal support devices in OR, ICU and for patient transport
The stable and compact Sprinter Cart occupies minimal space thanks to its compact dimensions and elaborate partitioning
Convenient transport with the Sprinter Cart, practical handles and smooth running wheels with foot-lever operated brakes

Mobile, multifunctional workstation for advanced extracorporeal support.

  • Convenient and safe transport due to practical handles and smooth-running wheels with foot lever brake
  • Complete range of accessories for all ECLS applications
  • High-quality, crash and crush resistant frame made of solid stainless steel
  • Minimal footprint due to compact dimensions and elaborate partitions
  • The smooth surface is easy to clean.
  • Additional equipment or other optional components can be installed on the corner bars and standard rails

Fully equipped Sprinter Cart XL

Fully equipped Sprinter Cart XL

1. Infusion pole (height-adjustable)


Additional equipment or other optional components can be installed on the corner poles and standard rails.

2. Handle for pulling or pushing


The shape of the handles of the Sprinter Cart XL was adjusted during the further development of the device. </br></br> Handles with long, parallel ends are not compatible with the Rotaflow II Base Unit.

3. Top shelf kit (height-adjustable)


Also available is a Sprinter Cart/Sprinter Cart XL version for use with the Rotaflow II or an upgrade for carts already in the field.

4. Base plate

(for optional medical isolating transformer kit) with rating plate and equipotential bonding pin.

5. Electrically conductive wheels with parking brakes
6. Shelf with pull-out section (for heater unit)


The pull-out section for the heater unit can be locked in three positions:</br> Fully open (e.g. for positioning or filling the heater unit).</br> Half open (e.g. for operating a heater unit which has a top display).</br> Fully closed (e.g. for moving the Sprinter Cart XL).

7. Gas cylinder holder


The gas cylinder holder comes with two long retaining straps attached. In addition, a small strap is supplied for small gas cylinders.

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Small footprint and safe transport

The modular cart is individually configurable with a top shelf for Cardiohelp System, Rotaflow Console or the Rotaflow II Base Unit. The Heater Unit can be positioned in the middle. The optional isolating transformer kit can be installed on the base unit tray.

Additional equipment or other optional components can be attached to the corner bars and standard rails.

The cart has four large, smooth-running, electrically conductive, 360° rotating wheels that are equipped with foot-operated parking brakes and the practical handles. The workstation can be moved easily and comfortably throughout the hospital environment.

Pull-out shelf for convenient access to the heater unit

The optional shelf with pull-out part is designed for a heater unit, such as HU 35.

The heater unit can be placed on the height-adjustable and extendable shelf kit. With the enclosed railing system, a heater unit can be conveniently pulled or pushed forward on the base shelf in two adjustment levels. This extendable shelf system allows the heater unit to be pushed forward to access the opening for water filling.

For electrical safety, the workstation is equipped with a equipotential bonding pin.

Multi-functional workstation

The trolley is equipped with a handle, an accessory pole and height-reduced poles at the back. Additional equipment or other optional components can be installed on the corner poles and standard rails:

  • Handle for pulling or pushing
  • Top shelf (Cardiohelp-i, Rotaflow Console, Rotaflow II)
  • Cardiohelp and Rotaflow Emergency Drive holder
  • Rotaflow II Drive, Rotaflow Drive
  • Gas bottle holder
  • Infusion pole (height adjustable)
  • Fixed tray for additional storage
  • Second handle with fixation system
  • Shelf kit for hyperthermia devices
  • Gas blender