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Maquet Corin – setting a new standard for OR tables

Thanks to a holistic R&D approach – combining an intuitive user interface with proactive safety features and smart connectivity – Maquet Corin sets a new standard for high-end operating room (OR) tables and aims for the top of its segment.

“Our holistic approach is what makes Maquet Corin stand out. While other tables on the market have some of the features our new OR table offers, none of them integrates all of them into a complete package. We are also establishing a new benchmark for mobile tables, both when it comes to load weight capacity and adjustment performance,” says Ulrich Peters, Senior Project Manager at Getinge.

In addition to a user interface with light indicators and controls based on colors and patterns, Maquet Corin features several new digitalized functions, designed to support the surgical team with sensor-based safety features – and to open a range of connectivity possibilities.

“It has been a very exciting project. We have developed and manufactured OR tables for many years, but this is a groundbreaking approach, incorporating several features that are new to us,” Ulrich says.

He continues:

“Connectivity paves the way for remote software updates, conveniently timed when the table is not in use. It also enables preventive maintenance. Once the installed base is big enough to provide us with solid usage data, we will be able to predict problems and act before the customers experience problems.”

The Maquet Corin project represents a move from a traditional focus on mechanical engineering towards computer hardware and software. About two thirds of the total number of engineering hours have been spent on the digital side.

“In some areas this has been a steep learning curve for us. Since mechanical engineers are working with long lead times, they are more active in the early stages of the project, while the software engineers are busy all the way to the end; finetuning codes and testing that everything works according to plan,” Ulrich says.

There are also regulatory aspects on the development of connectivity features.

“Communication technologies are covered by other regulations than the medical standards we are used to. The framework is also much more fragmented, with a few different local requirements and tests to manage,” Ulrich concludes.

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