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“Passion for finance also helps saving lives”

Caroline Johnson joined Getinge’s team in 2020. Intrigued by the challenge to build up an outstanding finance offer in the United States, she is truly passionate about developing innovative financing programs that enable customers access solutions they need to save more lives.


“For me, the health care industry is a rewarding place for working with finance. If we are innovative and enable customers to acquire our equipment, the great work by our research and development teams will benefit more hospitals and patients,” says Caroline Johnson, Senior Manager, Financial Services at Getinge.

She continues: “I was attracted by Getinge’s culture, with passionate and creative people dedicated to saving and improving lives, and I am excited by the opportunity to develop Getinge Financial Services in the United States.”

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has put a lot of pressure on health care systems and providers all over the globe. This is of course also evident in the United States.

“Customers were looking for strong alternatives to cash sales before the COVID-19 outbreak, and many hospitals have had unbudgeted expenses due to the pandemic. We want to enable them to find affordable ways to get the equipment they need,” Caroline says.

Financial Services is a core part of Getinge’s 360-degree services, which are centered around customers’ needs to improve efficiency and create value throughout the workflow. The team analyzes the unique needs of each customer, with the aim to present the best financing options for the investment.

“I believe that our customers shouldn’t have to ask for finance solutions. They should be on the table from the beginning. A competitive finance offer is a natural component for building strong partnerships,” Caroline explains.

She continues: “We want to come across as creative, nimble and ready to explore new models. Getinge’s global scope enables us to explore solutions that have been successful in other markets. As a Swedish manufacturer, we’ve had global success partnering with the national Swedish Export Credit Agency to offer very competitive interest rates and terms in both emerging and mature markets alike.”

Caroline has worked in health care finance in various roles since she graduated from university.

“For me, leadership is about creating an environment of trust, using your communication skills to empower your team to take risks and be innovative. This is of course equally important for building up relationships with our customers,” she says.

Caroline concludes: “Traditionally, the medtech business had a clinical focus, with emphasis on features and benefits of products. At Getinge, we view this perspective as one of several boxes you have to tick to establish long-term partnerships. It is imperative we also understand the marketplace and our customers and have the ability to glue together clinical, financial and service aspects.

About Getinge Finance Services

Getinge Finance Services offers a wide range of acquisition options for both mature and emerging markets, such as trade finance, export finance, working capital finance, project finance, equipment & technology finance, and leasing.  The scope also includes tailored financing solutions, such as managed equipment services or pay-per-use payment models, co-created with the customer to ensure that their needs are addressed. 

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