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New game-changing feature in Getinge’s Maquet Volista keeps the light on during NIR guided surgery

Today, Getinge launches a Volista VisioNIR feature in Maquet Volista StandOP – an innovative solution which allows surgical staff to keep the surgical light on when performing open surgeries using NIR fluorescence imaging systems.

NIR (Near-Infrared) fluorescence imaging is designed to address a variety of unmet clinical needs related to finding structures that need to be resected, such as sentinel lymph nodes, malignant cells, and luminal calcifications, and avoiding other structures that could cause acute or chronic morbidity, such as nerves, blood vessels, ducts, lymphatics, and normal glands.1

“Surgical procedures are evolving and so does our surgical lights. The new Volista VisioNIR feature is a powerful solution to guide surgeons and secure their actions with a better hand-eye coordination when using fluorescence guided surgery. There is no longer a need to switch between on and off lighting,” says Sophie Santiago, Product Manager Surgical Lights at Getinge.

Lights kept on during the entire procedure means an uninterrupted workflow where staff can spend every moment focused on the patient, which also saves time and resources.

“Keeping the lights on also overall creates an improved environment for the OR staff, since it provides better visibility of the entire room,” explains Sophie.

Volista VisioNIR works simultaneously with the adjustable color temperature feature. While using Indocyanine Green (ICG) and NIR cameras, the surgeon can operate with the preferred color temperature. The dedicated enhancement mode improves the contrast on the screen and complies with auto fluorescence.

“It keeps parameters of the surgical light like a standard mode with good color rendering, and leaves no change in shadow dilution or dimming,” says Robin Jousse, R&D Director Surgical Lights.

Thanks to the patented filters’ wheel developed on Maquet Volista StandOP, the light emitted from the LEDs is filtered to reduce the remaining NIR wave-lengths. This means that surgical lights disturbing the fluorescence signal emitted is eliminated.

“Maquet Volista VisioNIR and NIR guided surgery cameras can be used simultaneously inside the operating room. We are very glad to introduce this innovation to the market, which we believe will have a great impact on surgery for years to come.”

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This text is intended to provide information to an international audience outside of the US. For market availability, please reach out to your local Getinge sales representative.


[1] Image-Guided Surgery using Invisible Near-Infrared Light: fundamentals of Clinical Translation, S. Gioux and al. Mol Imaging. 2010 October; 9(5): 237-255.


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