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Meet Sylvain Touron – President of Getinge France

With a big passion for healthcare and people, Sylvain Touron is eager to provide more solutions to the customers in his new role as President of Getinge France.

After 13 years in pharma, Sylvain Touron wanted to stay in the healthcare industry but was eager to bring his engineering skills to another setting. That’s when he decided to enter the field of medtech and after a few years in the business he took on the role as President of Getinge France in September 2022.

“I found the range of Getinge’s portfolio exciting with lots of opportunities to learn. I also liked the fact that Getinge is serious about lowering its environmental impact and contributing to a more sustainable world. It was a good cultural fit for me,” says Sylvain.

There are continuously many challenges for the healthcare industry to tackle, including a growing population where people are getting older and more illnesses are on the rise. The need for more and better care is growing rapidly.

“This is of course something we see in France as in the rest of the world, and there are huge opportunities for us at Getinge to provide more value together with customers and partners,” says Sylvain. ”Another big issue right now is the lack of healthcare staff. Here, our digital solutions can be of help to create safer and more efficient hospital workflows.”

Six months into his role, he and his colleagues are liaising with different stakeholders to increase the customer value and performance in France, as well as other countries.

“As I’m getting to know the bigger team in France, I’m also looking into how we together can boost engagement further. I am a big fan of servant leadership and deeply convinced that by removing obstacles, energizing and empowering teams, you create sustainable long-term performance.”

Some of the focus for the year will be to maximize value and simplify processes as much as possible for the customers.

“We want to make a difference, by focusing on the need of our customers, the greater society and the planet.”

When asked about his favorite innovation in medtech, Sylvain has a few top runners.

“One of the things I am really fascinated by is Getinge’s INSIGHT solution. It’s a real game-changer creating huge value for patients and staff by facilitating bed management. This is a very good example of what we must do; bring new solutions to the market.”

When he is not working, Sylvain enjoys spending time with his family and is passing on his love for exploring new cultures, countries and outdoor life to his children.

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