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Father and son duo share a quarter-century journey at Getinge

In the heart of Getinge’s Merrimack production site in New Hampshire, a beautiful story unfolds where Jason and Frank Smith, a dedicated father and son, celebrate 25 years of collaboration. Their journey in advancing medtech is also deeply personal, tied to the very devices that help saves lives, including their own.

Getinge receives U.S. FDA 510(k) clearance for Talis +ACG Clinical Decision Support software, pioneering quality of high-acuity care in US and EU

Getinge has been granted U.S. FDA 510(k) clearance for its innovative clinical decision support software Talis +ACG (Advanced Clinical Guidance), steering in a new era of improving quality of care through promoting compliance with care protocols directly at the bedside in high acuity care environments. 

Getinge introduces Poladus 150 – the future of low-temperature sterilization

Today, Getinge unveils the Poladus 150, its latest innovation in low-temperature sterilization, designed for heat-sensitive surgical instruments. Equipped with advanced cross-contamination barrier technology, Poladus 150 plays a crucial role in preventing healthcare acquired infections (HCAIs).

Getinge displays new life science solutions at ACHEMA 2024

At this year’s ACHEMA – the world’s leading forum for chemical engineering, process engineering and biotechnology – Getinge will demonstrate its passion for life by showcasing many recently launched and upcoming solutions for the life science industry.

Getinge’s new lab sterilizer Lancer LSS offers unmatched efficiency and intuitive control

Today, Getinge introduces Lancer LSS, an innovative lab sterilizer where cutting-edge technology meets refined design. Its connectivity and control system are modern and state of the art which ensures data integrity, supports robust reporting, and enables predictive maintenance. With features such as energy recovery and saving through ECO-mode, combined with reduced water consumption, and scheduling capabilities, Lancer LSS is designed to optimize sterilization performance and minimizing the environmental impact for laboratory sterilization applications.

Getinge introduces DPTE-BetaBag® with material from renewable sources

Getinge demonstrates its commitment to sustainable innovations by launching a new version of the DPTE-BetaBag®, used in sterile transfer. A new beta section made with the majority of plastic from renewable sources reduces the carbon footprint of the bag without compromising its sterile transfer capabilities.


Lars Mattsson

Interim EVP Brand & Communication
Phone: +46 10 335 0043

Caroline Örmgård

Head of Public & Media Relations
Phone: +46 10 335 0041

Katarzyna Sypuła

Head of Marketing Communications CEE/MEA
Tel: +48 661 705 706


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