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Part of a long chain that leads to saving more lives

Meet Cheng Xiang Yao in Suzhou, China, who is proud to be part of a passionate team that build Getinge sterilizers. Working with sterile reprocessing solutions, he is committed to help fight health care acquired infections and be part of a long chain that leads to saving more lives.


Starting of as a welder at Getinge in 2014, Cheng Xiang Yao has worked with Getinge’s sterile reprocessing solutions for years. Quite recently, he left the welding suit behind and switched over to the assembly line where he today is part of a passionate team that build sterilizers.

“I am honored to be part of a long chain of solutions that leads to saving and improving more lives and decreasing health care acquired infections. It feels like a mission,” says Cheng.

Sterile reprocessing has been a core part of Getinge’s business for many years. The solutions offered for Central Sterile Supply Department’s (CSSDs), where surgical instruments are cleaned, disinfected and sterilized are among the world’s best in preventing infections.

“Going to work knowing that the machines I build help provide safer care feels good inside. It’s also inspiring to work in a place where I am encouraged to develop and learn new things. Being part of a team of people as passionate as I am about what we want to accomplish is a big achievement,” Cheng says and smiles.

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