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Getinge Industrier AB Q3 report january - september 2001

GETINGE INDUSTRIER AB PRESS RELEASE Q3 REPORT JANUARY - SEPTEMBER 2001 ¨ Orders received climbed 60% to SEK 6,058.2 million (3,782.6) ¨ Net sales rose by 57% to SEK 5,691.7 million (3,620.2) ¨ The operating profit rose by 43% to SEK 600.4 million (419.3) ¨ The profit before tax went up by 21% totalling SEK 425.8 million (352.2) ¨ Positive earnings trend for Extended Care and Surgical Systems ¨ Profit outlook continues to be good The quarter The Group's orders received were good for Q3 and organic growth stood at 6.3%. Infection Control's orders received rose considerably in the US, but in total have been marginally higher for the business area compared to the past year. The Extended Care and Surgical Systems business areas have both seen their orders received progress well, but have seen minor effects in both orders received and invoicing in the wake of the September 11th terrorist attack in the USA. The Group feels that the effects of this are in all probability temporary. Surgical Systems' results have progressed according to plan with a seasonal fall over the period. Extended Care has seen a continued positive volume and earnings trend during Q3 with a better operating margin as a consequence. Infection Control stabilised over the period with an operating profit somewhat under last year's. Outlook Surgical Systems is performing very well, reporting a good volume trend and improved cost structure. Extended Care is expected to see a strong earnings trend and sizable demand on several markets. Infection Control is seeing weaker demand and the profit will not reach last year's figure. "The weaker earnings trend in Infection Control has been compensated by a continued strong performance from Surgical Systems and Extended Care and overall the group's result outlook is still judged to be positive" says CEO, Johan Malmquist. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: The full report The full report