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Getinge Lancer LSS Laboratory Steam Sterilizers

Unmatched uptime and efficiency at your fingertips

Upgrade your lab with best-in-class autoclaving and intuitive control. Designed to withstand even the harshest laboratory environments, the new Lancer LSS sterilizer combines world-class engineering and construction with an intuitive interface for unmatched uptime and efficiency.


High performance sterilization for laboratories

  • Robust construction to ensure high utilization and low total cost of ownership
  • Pre-programmed and customizable sterilization cycles – process flexibility to meet any load type
  • Process monitoring and batch reports to ensure reliable, repeatable results
  • Intuitive HMI for efficient workflows, easy operations and reduced human error
  • Cost-effective design – fulfill laboratory requirements within your budget

With the Lancer LSS you get reliable, repeatable results and a cost-effective and efficient workflow.

The sterilizer’s connected software platform also supports robust reporting, data integrity and predictive maintenance, while the pre-programmed sterilization cycles and customization options ensure a flexible process that meets the needs of a wide range of load types.


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Reliable, repeatable results

  • Ensure contamination-free labware and accurate experiments through high-performance sterilization
  • Designed to provide sterilization for labware, process materials, and products used in research facilities
  • Continuous monitoring and validation ensure sterile and repeatable results that are fully documented
  • Adjust cycle parameters to meet your needs
  • A variety of sterilization cycle temperature ranges are available

Intuitive control system

  • The intuitive and easy-to-use interface delivers advanced connectivity, regulatory compliance, and data integrity
  • Support efficient workflows with comprehensive user management
  • Enable fast and easy operations such as process start, cycle customization, and alarms through a future-proofed interface
  • Ergonomic safety enhances efficiency and helps minimize errors
  • Can connect to external systems via OPC UA standardized protocols

Support flexible process

  • Enable a wide range of loads – glassware, hoses, and liquids in open or closed containers
  • A range of pre-programmed cycles for sterilizing the most common loads
  • Ability to customize your own cycles to meet your unique needs
1. Intuitive control system
2. Optional panel printer
3. Large chamber for maximum utilization
4. Automatic vertical door for better ergonomics
5. High-quality stainless steel construction
6. Optional integrated steam generator

If facility steam is unavailable.


Interior rack

Stainless steel rack supports with two extendable, open-wire stainless steel shelves.

Supplemental shelf

This additional extendable shelf can be ordered separately.

Transfer trolley

A fixed-height trolley for use with the load car. The trolley releases the load car when it is locked to the interior chamber rail. It’s made of reinforced stainless steel.

Height-adjustable trolley

An adjustable version of the transfer trolley for better ergonomics.