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Getinge keep supporting improvement of education in India

Through the project 'Swedish Industry for Quality Education in India', Getinge continues the partnership with Pratham, an innovative learning organization that supports learning and growth of children in India. 

Since 2017, Pratham has spearheaded the 'Swedish Industry for Quality Education in India' project in partnership with 13 Swedish organizations. This initiative has been successfully implemented in the states of Assam and West Bengal, benefiting the lives of thousands of children. Earlier this year, the global medtech company Getinge announced its continuation of its partnership with Pratham.

"Access to quality education is a fundamental right of every child globally,” says Minal Khobare, Director of Human Resources and Corporate Administration at Getinge India. “The partnership reinforces our commitment to the crucial mission of Pratham, ensuring the learning and growth of children in India.”

The objective for Pratham is to provide skills to 40,000 children and employable opportunities for 35 young adults annually. Getinge has been an integral part of the project since its inception, empowering children between 6 to 14 years with the skills required for future learning and growth. To equip young adults with employable skills, focus is put on offering them access to employment and entrepreneurship opportunities.

“I had the opportunity to visit Pratham in Assam,” Minal continues. “The program supports schools in an area where 32% of the population lives below the poverty line. When the schools opened again after the pandemic, Pratham focused its activities on school readiness and catch-up activities such as learning camps. The language camp for example showed a significant increase in paragraph-level reading proficiency among the participating children, from a baseline assessment of 14 percent to the endline assessment where the percentage of children were able to read at the paragraph level had risen to 37 percent.”

Going forward, Pratham is focusing its efforts on empowering children with essential skills and creating employment opportunities for young adults.

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