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October 8, 2018 Gothenburg, Sweden

Getinge launches Maquet PowerLED II

Getinge is today announcing the launch of the Maquet PowerLED II Surgical Light. The Maquet PowerLED II Surgical Light brings best-in-class technology to surgical suites or Hybrid OR by improving working conditions for surgeons and staff.

The best-in-class Maquet PowerLED II Surgical Light brings clear, shadow-free illumination to the conventional or Hybrid operating room, improving tissue visualization for better surgical outcomes.

The Maquet PowerLED II Surgical Light is the evolution of the proven Maquet PowerLED technology which has been used in in operating rooms for more than a decade. Important new features include laser guidance for precise positioning, and an adjustable light patch to direct light where it’s most needed. Novel technologies include fully automated controls, self-guided intensity adjustment, and dynamic presence sensors for unrivalled shadow management.

Multiple colors of ambient light are available to limit monitor glare, improving clarity during MIS procedures. Eye fatigue protection is a vanguard feature of the new comfort light, an innovation that supports a gentle transition from the brightly illuminated surgical field to the obscured surroundings.

Improved working conditions for customers

“There is no more important tool in the surgical suite than the surgeon’s eyes,” says Stéphane Tabillon, Senior Business Development Manager High End Ceiling Devices OR. “High-quality shadow-free lighting plays a dramatic role in achieving positive patient outcomes. It improves the surgeon’s ability to clearly see the problem, assess the situation, and safely treat the patient. That’s why we have gone to great lengths to enhance the Maquet PowerLED platform. These important refinements deliver a light that improves working conditions, reduces fatigue, and improves overall patient safety.”

The light is also designed to reduce the risk of complications from nosocomial infections, with antibacterial coatings and smooth surfaces that minimize turbulent airflow. It is fully compatible with the hygienic Maquet Satelite Anchoring System. The Maquet Satelite system allows equipment to be safely positioned within reach of the surgeon, without exposed cables and wires that can present a hazard to staff.

The Maquet PowerLED II Surgical Light is compatible with Getinge accessories that can be shared among multiple ORs, minimizing equipment redundancy and helping customers to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO). Equipment can be easily added, removed, and upgraded to maximize customers’ long-term lighting investment.

To learn more about the Maquet PowerLED II Surgical Light, please visit Getinge's website.

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