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Getinge reinvents office work in the South Asia Pacific region

As a trailblazer within remote working, the global medtech company Getinge’s implementation of a long-term flexible workplace approach in the South Asia-Pacific (SAPAC) region has been a success. The acceptance rate among employees is over 90 per cent in the markets that have already implemented the concept.

What started as a health and safety measurement in the early days of the COVID-19 outbreak, has turned into an established way of working in Getinge’s worldwide organization, with the objective to offer employees with position eligible for remote work a possibility to choose flexibility.

“When we interviewed employees during the pandemic, three out of four said that working remotely improved productivity and made a positive impact on the work-life balance. This paved the way for offering office-based employees a long-term opportunity to work where they can do their job best,” says Rachel Lim, Director HR at Getinge South Asia Pacific.

So far, five out of the seven SAPAC markets, covering 70 per cent of Getinge’s entire workforce in the region, have initiated the flexible concept – and the acceptance rate among employees is exceptionally high. This confirms that being flexible and working remote is the preferred choice for most employees. Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, India and South Korea are the countries that have successfully implemented the concept so far. In Australia and New Zealand, the organization is busy with final preparations before going live early 2022.

“The overall objective is to give employees an opportunity to decide on the desired level of flexibility while taking into account the best set up for the team,” says Philippe Rocher, President at Getinge South Asia Pacific.

From a company perspective, it is important to note that the goal is not to have as many employees working remote as possible, but to give employees the freedom to decide on desired level of flexibility.

Getinge’s next step is to support leaders and employees to implement the concept with a focus on transparency, inclusion and belonging.

"The concept enables our employees to choose a work setting that suits them the best. For this to happen, having a high trust with great focus on the outcomes rather than the time spent in the office is vital. I believe that this empowerment is creating a better workplace culture,” Philippe explains.

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Wai Leong Lau, Head of Marketing Communications, South Asia Pacific
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