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Maquet Corin – the proactive and intuitive OR table

As hospitals face the challenge to master more complex operating room (OR) technology with strained resources, equipment that almost become active members of the surgical team can help facilitate the work. This proactive philosophy is the foundation of Getinge’s new Maquet Corin operating table.

“Creating an ideal operating table is not about a high number of functions. It’s about adding the right functions, those that are helping to streamline the procedure by supporting the users in busy working conditions,” says Hanna Gantenbein, Product Manager Mobile OR Tables at Getinge.

“The development of Maquet Corin has been meticulous, focusing on real-life situations and details that ensures that the table becomes an efficient ‘member’ of the surgical team,” she continues.

The new operating table combines an intuitive user interface with active safety features that monitor situations and give feedback when something is about to happen. In some cases the table even intervenes automatically.

“Some staff members in surgical departments move between several ORs, with patients undergoing different procedures. Ideally, the person entering the room can act instantly. Our approach has been to make the user interface so simple that it is possible to handle the functions without a lengthy introduction, even for unexperienced staff,” Hanna explains.

Light indicators at all four table-top joints give feedback via colors and patterns, depending on the table’s status. In normal operation mode, the joints can be controlled by buttons on the remote control with the same color-coding.

In addition to making it easy to find the right control instantly, the approach provides clear feedback for the entire surgical team. It is visible even when the OR table is draped,” Hanna says.

“In some validations, we tested how participants reacted on having to use the table without an initial explanation. Most of them were able to use it correctly immediately. We believe that the color-coding is a unique approach. There are competitors using similar solutions, but none of them so extensively on all parts of the table, including the joints,” she continues.

Sensor-based active features – collision detection, overload detection and tipping prevention – are addressing key safety issues in busy ORs.

“Without these functions, there may be a manual safety margin approach that requires attention and may become unnecessarily cautious.  With Maquet Corin, the team can relax and focus on the patient and the procedure. Since the table knows its limits, it enables staff to use its full capacity,” Hanna says.

“In addition to the safety aspect, these functions also help the hospital save money by preventing accidental damage to the table or other expensive devices in the OR, such as patient warming systems or C-arms,” she concludes.

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