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GEE Ethylene Oxide (EO) Sterilizers

Safe and efficient low temperature sterilization

EO sterilization is used on heat/moisture sensitive products. The sterilization process allows the product to remain packed and palletized for the entire process, and is ready to ship without the need for additional re-packing or handling.

GEE Ethylene Oxide sterilizer with a man working next to it

Efficient sterilization in production of heat sensitive goods

  • Safe, reliable, and repeatable results
  • Protect the integrity of products and packaging
  • Faster sterilization process


Businesswoman and engineer discussing

Safe production processes

The safety of your staff is of paramount importance.

The GEE Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers are built for full compliance with ATEX regulations and all designs are subject to risk and failure analysis techniques (HAZOP, FMEA).

Our systems include redundant safety features to give you peace of mind over your process.

Load handling

Getinge’s automatic pallet transfer system

Safe and efficient load handling

Getinge’s automatic pallet transfer system (APTS) is a safe pallet lift and movement system that can transfer single or multiple pallets in two linear directions for automatic loading of the products.

Pallets are accurately positioned within the chamber to maximize throughput and efficacy. The system has no moving parts within the sterilizer chamber and requires no operator entry into the EO chamber, making it a safe solution.

Movements using pneumatic motors and components allow for system operation in ATEX-classified environments.