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Xpose 3 Positioner

Designed to securely lift the heart during off-pump bypass surgery and to easily position and access target vessels while maintaining hemodynamic stability.

Xpose 3 Positioner designed to securely lift the heart during off-pump coronary artery bypass surgery to position and access target vessls


The Xpose 3 Positioner is a third generation access device designed to securely lift the heart during off-pump bypass surgery to easily position and access target vessels, while maintaining hemodynamic stability.

Getinge Off-Pump family (featuring a stabilizer, positioner, and a blower mister) combines sleek form with superb function which enables surgeons to easily and confidently deliver the benefits of beating heart surgery. The Xpose 3 incorporates the preferred features from the Acrobat and Xpose product families: proven stability, strength and flexibility.

Intended for both apical and non-apical placement on the heart, this device provides exceptional maneuverability, greater access, and ease of use. The Xpose 3 device has a "clamshell" type retractor mount.

Combining the Xpose 3 Access Device with any Getinge stabilizer offers the ability to reach all major vessels of the heart with a low-profile system that is easy to use for off-pump CABGs.

The Acrobat Off-Pump System provides:

  • strength
  • flexibility
  • visibility
  • the stability necessary in a variety of surgical situations.

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The tissue-conforming suction cup uses a gentle vacuum to securely lift and hold the heart, designed for apical or nonapical placement. Proprietary active suspension technology allows normal cardiac motion and maintains stable hemodynamics.


The low-profile arm is designed for increased strength, and the innovative Flexlink™ technology features interlocking links that enable greater maneuverability.

Increased workspace:

Xpose 3 features a streamlined “clamshell” type retractor mount

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