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Getingeクリーンマネジメントシステム (CMS) は、ヘルスケアやラボのアプリケーションにおけるウォッシャーディスインフェクターや超音波洗浄機、手動洗浄ステーションにリンク可能な集中管理型の投与システムで、それぞれの部門の装置で洗剤のレベルを維持するために使用します。

さらに詳細を読む 自動洗剤処理



さらに詳細を読む CSSDにおける自動化ソリューション

Making an environmental difference

All across the world we are realizing the immense impact our way of life has on the environment. Many have already taken action within their field – and realized that sometimes even the smallest change can have a major impact. Read the case study from a Danish hospital kitchen that has succeeded in reducing costs and the environmental impact by introducing 5 eco-friendly initiatives

さらに詳細を読む IT promotes cost-reductions in hospital kitchens

Tegris reduces costs by improving data security and patient safety

Until 2018, Acıbadem Maslak Hospital in Istanbul managed patient surgical data manually. The heavy administrative burden often required operating room nurses to work overtime every day. This changed significantly with the introduction of Getinge’s OR integration solution Tegris. Be inspired by Acıbadem Maslak Hospital, and learn how Tegris helped reduce costs by improving data security and enhance patient safety.

さらに詳細を読む Reduce cost by improving data security and patient safety

T-DOC improves instrument turnaround time and patient safety

Getinge’s T-DOC sterile supply management and traceability solution plays a core role in Dorset County Hospital’s mission to deliver top-class patient care. Be inspired by the British Dorset County Hospital and learn how to improve instrument turnaround time and patient safety.

さらに詳細を読む Improve instrument turnaround time and patient safety