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When your patients are counting on you, don’t miss a beat. Count on Getinge’s Cardiosave platform as your first line of mechanical circulatory support.

Faster time to therapy

Fast time to therapy[1]

Cardiosave’s proprietary, fiber-optic IABs automatically calibrate in the patient after insertion so you won’t have to worry about calibrating and zeroing the pump. When timing is critical, you can count on Cardiosave for the first line of mechanical circulatory support.

  • Automatic in-vivo calibration
  • One button to therapy
  • Instant signal transmission
  • Crisp, clean arterial pressure waveform
The Getinge Cardiosave

The Getinge Cardiosave® Platform minimizes adverse events.

Getinge’s portfolio of 7Fr, 7.5Fr and 8Fr intra-aortic balloon catheters allow you to provide patients with hemodynamic support without the increased risk of vascular complications associated with large bore catheters.[2] When patient safety is on the line, you can count on the Cardiosave Platform as your first line of mechanical circulatory support.[3]

  • Reduced risk of vascular complications[4]
  • Reduced risk of bleeding[2]*
  • Reduced hospital stay and cost[2]*
  • IABP Therapy delivers equivalent outcomes[2]*

*Compared to large bore catheters

The right combination of IABP and catheter

The right combination of IABP and catheter to treat even your most complex patients

The Cardiosave IABP, combined with our Getinge high efficacy balloons – MEGA (Standard-pressure) and Sensation Plus (fiber-optic) – allows you to provide greater support and may help you stabilize your patients as quickly as possible.[5] When you need support, you can count on Cardiosave with a high-efficacy balloon as your first line of mechanical circulatory support.

  • Delivers additional cardiac output of up to 1.6 L/min[6]
  • More volume displacement[5]
  • Great diastolic augmentation[5]
  • Greater afterload reduction[5]
The Getinge Cardiosave® Platform

The Getinge Cardiosave® Platform makes transporting patients fast and easy.

The Cardiosave Hybrid is uniquely designed to easily convert to the smaller and lighter Rescue mobile unit when transporting patients from an ambulance to another facility. Whether you are moving your patient from room-to-room or between hospitals, you can count on the Cardiosave Platform as your first line of mechanical circulatory support.

  • Small footprint and lightweight design[1]
  • Simply remove pump console and go
  • Unique accessories for extended transport usage
  • Unmatched transport capabilities[1]
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