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Optimal conservation of the patient blood

The efficient fluid management during extracorporeal circulation and cardiac surgery minimizes the need for homologous blood and blood products.

The hemoconcentrators provide optimum conservation of patient blood and minimize the need for homologous blood products.
The hemoconcentrators provide optimum conservation of patient blood and minimize the need for homologous blood products.

Hemoconcentrators for gentle fluid management

The hemoconcentrator removes excess plasma water and micromolecular components effectively by means of transmembrane pressure. At the same time it retains corpuscular blood cells, albumin, and other valuable components of higher molecular weight.

Three different sizes of hemoconcentrators enable efficient and appropriate fluid management with significant patient benefits.

  • No-Rinse Technology for Immediate Use
  • Dependable Ultrafiltration
  • Low Priming
  • Available in Three Sizes
  • Outstanding Biocompatibility

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No-Rinse Technology for Immediate Use

With hemoconcentrators, fluid management becomes simple and efficient with no pore-filling agents and no pre-rinsing. This allows the hemoconcentrators to be inserted into the extracorporeal circuit and put into immediate use at any time.

Dependable Ultrafiltration

The highly stable, state-of-the-art polyarylethersulphone membrane material separates substances of high and middle molecular weights. The substance elimination rate is clearly indicated by the sharp sieving coefficient curve. All valuable blood components are retained while plasma fluid is quickly and efficiently removed.

Low Priming

Their excellent priming performance ratio, together with superior physiological hemoconcentration characteristics, provides optimum blood management for the patients’ benefit.

Perfectly matching patients’ needs

The hemoconcentrators are available in three different sizes to optimally meet individual patient needs. For further flexibility and convenience, each hemoconcentrator can be supplied either as a single sterile product, as a pre-assembled hemoconcentration set with tubing and accessories, or as part of a custom tubing set.

Outstanding Biocompatibility

The outstanding structure of Getinges hollow fibers ensure a high ultrafiltration rate at a minimal transmembrane pressure. The highly permeable fibers increase the blood concentration and raise the protein concentration as well as the osmotic pressure for a stable water balance.

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