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Support customer goals

We take steps to empower our customers to reach their sustainability goals. One way we do this is by looking at how we can make our products and solutions as resource efficient as possible. This involves reducing water and energy consumption and the use of anesthetic gases.

Reduce our carbon footprint

We are committed to becoming a net-zero company by 2050 across the full value chain and our targets have been approved by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

We continue with energy saving programs and our transition to renewable energy to reduce emissions in our production units.

We choose hybrid and electric cars for our corporate fleet when possible. With our “smart workplaces initiative” many of our office based employees no longer need to commute to offices.

Together with our partners and customers, we choose the most sustainable transport solution whenever possible.

Report our environmental performance

We provide transparent sustainability reporting according to global standards and reporting legislation. We are members of UN Global Compact and have communicated our progress (COP) according to the advanced level since 2018.


Design for sustainability

We apply EcoDesign principles in an increasing number of products, which includes using fewer materials, and reduction in consumption of energy and water in the use phase.

Plan for circularity

We believe that circularity is essential to reduce resource consumption and environmental impact. For this reason, we are planning for expanded partnerships across our value chain  to address everything from recycling and managing residual products to logistics and distribution. By optimizing quality, we ensure that our products and solutions are reliable, durable and resource efficient.