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Van technologische sprongen tot medische doorbraken, bioreactoren maken vooruitgang mogelijk

Getinge Life Science builds on decades of experience and knowledge as a provider of upstream biotechnology products. This, coupled with modern designs and strong engineering, application, and service support for our products, will simplify your work and expedite your process and products that improve people's quality of life. Whether you work at benchscale or production scale - from culture to cure.

From Applikon to Getinge

Applikon Biotechnology is now part of Getinge – a company committed to enhancing life science and changing health care. By unifying, we merge Getinge's decades of scientific and technical knowledge with Applikon's expertise in bioprocessing. We will continue to invest in new innovations that help pioneer the therapies and solutions of tomorrow.

Together as one, we are innovating to improve quality of life

Applikon brings half a century of bioprocessing expertise at your fingertips

Half a century of expertise at your fingertips

Applikon – the most trusted name in bioreactor systems for the biopharmaceutical and biotechnology industries since 1973 – is now part of Getinge.

Our complete bioreactor solutions match any bioprocessing application

A complete solution for your unique application

No matter the application, Getinge has the solution to optimize your bioprocess. Our bioreactors, controllers, sensors and software cover the entire upstream bioprocess requirements.

We partner with our customers from initial screening stage to full-scale production

Your partner from research to production

We are with you from the initial screening stage to full-scale upstream manufacturing – all while using the same easy-to-use platforms.

Our complete bioreactor solutions support the production of life-saving vaccines and medicines

Innovating to improve lives

Each day, our complete bioreactor solutions are fuelling the production of life-saving vaccines, advanced therapies, medicines and countless innovative products that are improving lives around the world.

Research laboratories

Getinge offers small scale single-use and multi-use bioreactor systems that enable scientists to perform research experiments and to optimize and scale-up their microbial and cell culture bioprocesses to larger volumes.

Bio-Pharmaceutical production

Getinge offers pilot plant scale and GMP certified production scale stainless steel bioreactor systems that enable operators to produce high quality biopharmaceutical products.


Your partner in Cellular Agriculture

We care about sustainable food for future generations. Therefore, we provide efficient and cost-effective bioreactor solutions that offer the ability to control cultivation conditions to form a cell line from cells and to expend them into a biomass in order to produce safe, healthy and delicious food with a decreased environmental footprint - from research to production.


Scientist using single-use bioreactors for cell expansion and cell differentiation

Your partner in Cell & Gene Therapy

We care about personal treatments for each unique person. In this regard, we offer dedicated solutions to help cell & gene therapy companies to optimize and scale-up their process in order to generate the number of cells required for the treatment - from culture to treatment.

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