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Life Magazine #2 2021 puts the spotlight on connected health care

Getinge’s latest issue of Life Magazine is now available – this time focusing on connected health care through digitalization.


Life Magazine #2 2021 is fully digital – focusing on connected health care. The 20-pager features articles about Getinge’s online service offering, a virtual hospital and hospital efficiency solutions, among many other topics. You also get to listen to voices from ordinary people all over the world on how they envision the future of health care.

“Connecting health care means huge opportunities for better patient outcomes and more efficient and less time consuming work for health care staff. By utilizing data responsibly, we can help remove a lot of waste in care systems. Connected health care is the future, and it is already here,” Anna Romberg, Executive Vice President Legal, Compliance & Governance at Getinge, says in the leading article.

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