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The ultimate guide to surgical lights

surgical lights white paper

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What is important in a surgical light?

Surgical lights are medical devices designed to effectively illuminate the patient’s body during surgical procedures, diagnostics, or treatments. These lights must follow a strict set of specifications to ensure efficient and effective illumination that leads to improved visibility and better patient outcomes.

Surgical lights are arguably the most important tool in the operating room; if surgeons can’t see, they can’t effectively diagnose or treat the patient. Most people would assume that the brighter light is the better light.

However, more light does not correlate with improved visual acuity. Research has shown that quality of light — not quantity — matters most in the operating room (OR).

Factors that contribute to high-quality surgical lighting

  • Illumination
  • Light patch diameter
  • Volume of light 
  • Shadow management
  • Color temperature
  • Heat management
  • Safety

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