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Getinge’s first connected OR table is here

The launch of Maquet Corin brings Getinge a step forward in two important areas. In addition to being the company´s first connected OR table, it also pioneers a modular approach with the same technical components used across different OR tables.

“Eventually, connectivity will be part of all of our OR tables. We believe that it is good to start in the high-end where customers have very high demands. That will help us to build knowledge about which features create most value for the users,” says Frank Alles, Vice President Global Portfolio Management for Surgical Workplaces at Getinge.

“Maquet Corin is prepared for interaction with other devices. We see a growing customer need for interconnection between devices in the OR to improve patient safety and optimize the workflow. This requires open communication platform, and we are part of developments in this area,” Frank continues.

The connectivity in Maquet Corin supports faster and more efficient maintenance. By providing Getinge’s service technicians prior to their visits to customers with valuable information about the device status, they can have everything ready when they arrive to the customer, or even give advice remotely.

Maquet Corin also marks the start of a harmonization of Getinge’s offering, where core technical solutions are used across different ranges of OR tables.

“The OR table intergrates some parts from the Maquet Otesus system. In Maquet Corin, we supplement them with additional technology that may later be shared with upcoming tables. This is a development that makes it easier for customers to use and maintain our OR tables,” Frank says.  

The launch of the high-end Maquet Corin follows a renewal of OR tables in other segments.

“When it comes to high-end OR tables, it is easy to fall in the trap of adding as many functions and options as possible. Even though Maquet Corin has a solid specification, we wanted to focus on a smooth integration into the hospital workflow by concentrating on the things that are most important for the surgical team,” Frank explains.

The development team has put a lot of effort into make it easy to get the most out of Maquet Corin.

“The intuitive user interface, based on colors, and smart functions that monitor important areas such as collisions and tipping, are designed to give the surgical team more time to focus on the patient and the procedure,” he concludes.

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