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The heartbeat in Nicholas’ Getinge story

Despite a lot of progress in medical science, the absence of treatment for various difficult diseases remains. Nicholas Porter, a dedicated Getinge employee, shares his personal journey of loss and how it fuels his mission to bridge the gap between medtech advancements and their accessibility.

Growing up, Nicholas Porter believed that medical science had a solution for most illnesses. The loss of his mother to a disease without available treatment was a personal tragedy that shattered that belief, pushing him to seek solutions.

As part of Getinge, Nicholas is deeply committed to the company's overall purpose; to make life-saving technology accessible for more people.

"At Getinge, we all share the same values. Everyone has different stories, but I think we are all committed to work towards a future where no one must face the agony of losing a loved one due to unavailability of treatments.”

Nicholas also touches upon a broader, more complex issue. Despite living in a time of medical innovations, many of these advancements remain out of reach for countless people.

“The challenge isn't just about innovating; it's about ensuring the innovations are accessible to everyone, irrespective of circumstances.”

Gazing towards the future, Nicholas is hopeful there will be treatments for more incurable diseases, such as pulmonary fibrosis, from which his mother sadly passed away.

“The rise of cell and gene therapy and other emerging medtech innovations is promising. It’s important that medtech and pharma companies continue to invest in these areas and prioritize the acceleration of research and development.”

Reflecting on his two decades long Getinge journey, where he’s been in several roles, Nicholas loves the ever-existing solid baseline that he is doing something good – for real.

"I'm part of the solution. This sentiment, shared by my colleagues, is what drives our business forward. It's not just about the technological advancements; it's about the human stories behind them, the shared purpose, and the collective mission to make a difference.”

In the end, whether it's through cutting-edge medical devices or the relentless pursuit of new treatments, the essence remains the same for Nicholas and many others at Getinge: a deep-rooted desire to help bring hope and healing to as many as possible.

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